The innovation in straw freezing technology: directed, horizontal liquid nitrogen vapour flow provides homogeneous and superior freezing results.

Modern Insemination on the Sow Farm

Why we like working at Mintube

Minitube extender production

The superior quality of Minitube extenders is due to our strict quality control of all raw materials as well as of the end product. Each batch of components and each batch of extender produced is examined for purity and semen conservation properties. Production complies with the rigorous GMP standards.


AndroVision® is a highly precise CASA system for standardised, interactive semen analysis. AndroVision® not only provides classical analyses of motility, concentration and morphology, but also various fluorescence based assessments of sperm functionality.

Minitube Online Canine Seminar

Male Canine Reproductive Physiology and Semen Handling is now offered with an easy and affordable expert interactive course available on PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Artificial cow "Henryetta"

With the artificial insemination training cow „Henryetta“, the future of AI training has advanced to a new level. The most realistic training device in the market replicates a cows gynaecological tract so that artificial insemination can be practised in safe and convenient environment.

Successful re-certification: audit confirms GMP norms for Minitüb’s extender production facility