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Founded in 1970 by Dr. Ludwig Simmet, today Minitube sets new standards in animal reproduction technology. Starting out with only patents and ideas it has evolved from a small provider of high quality products for artificial insemination (AI) in animals to a world-wide leader in assisted reproduction technologies with a bandwidth encompassing products and services from AI to in-vitro insemination. With headquarters in Tiefenbach, Germany, Minitüb now supplies customers world-wide with local support provided by highly trained representatives, subsidiaries and distributors.

Mintüb is a family owned company managed by Dr. Christian Simmet, Dr. Christa Simmet, Rudolf Simmet and Katharina Rohrmüller. Together they are committed to maintaining a positive corporate culture in order to provide their customers with the highest quality services and products.

After 40 years of steady growth, the owners of Minitüb founded the company Minitube International with the aim to provide even better support to customers in all parts of the world.    

Minitube International is a biotechnology company specialised in cutting-edge reproduction technologies and molecular biology. With a complete line of products and services for assisted reproduction in animals, Minitube provides world-wide service to customers in agricultural, sport and companion animal breeding, as well as veterinary, human medical science and other research institutions. 

As an industry leader, Minitube recognizes the importance of providing products that do not compromise quality or safety even if this should result in higher production costs. For this reason, all proprietary products are manufactured in their own state-of-the-art ISO certified facilities.

At Minitube International, a first-class team of scientists, researchers and support staff engage in basic and applied research, product development, quality assurance, contract services and customer training courses. Around the globe, Minitube scientists and experts cooperate closely with leading studs, universities and institutes in advancing knowledge and technology.

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Minitube celebrates 50 years of innovation