Mexitube Alemania

Mexitube Alemania

With a strong orientation towards the needs of animal breeders, Mexitube Alemania serves all customers in Mexico with Minitube products and services. Mexitube Alemania's team of two veterinarians is fully committed to bring the best solutions at the best conditions to their customers in all areas of artificial reproduction technologies.

Director Dr. Hector Tellez is a specialized veterinarian with more than 20 years of experience in animal reproduction. Dr. Gloria Gonzalez, responsible for bovine, equine and canine customers is fully dedicated to provide customer consulting and support.

Dr. Tellez states that the most important aim of Mexitube Alemania's dedicated team is to provide products and services of a high quality standard which really improve the processes of ART labs, breeding farms and companies in the whole country. The team is commited to a hearty and professional customer support in order to achieve excellent results in this very important part of the animal production business.

Mexitube Alemania, a subsidiary of Minitüb GmbH and member of Minitube International, is located in the state of Querétaro. Products are imported directly from Germany and stocked in a fully equipped warehouse in order to provide prompt customer service at the best conditions.

Mexitube Alemania, S.A. de C.V.
R.F.C. MAL 121003I97
Peñuelas 5, oficina 27
San Pedrito Peñuelas, Queretaro, 76148
Phone: +52 442 246 73 46/47