Androstar® Premium with GAC antibiotics, 4.5 kg = 100 l

Ref.: 13533/2100
Extra long term boar semen extender.
Premium extender for high protection and long-term preservation of boar semen. Based on an innovative combination of protective molecules. Specialized antioxidants are combined with a variety of highly effective membrane protecting agents. With Aminoglycosid, Cephalosporin and Gentamicin. For semen storage at +5°C to +20°C.

4/box, 96/pallet
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Product features

External influences on the sensitive sperm cells are effectively buffered over a wide temperature range from +5° to +25°C. Boar semen can therefore be preserved in an optimal state over a long time interval. Boar studs gain freedom of operation by using Androstar® Premium, which provides greater latitude in acceptable semen temperature fluctuations and processing schemes.

Your benefits

Enhanced quality and increased protection:
  • Outstanding preservation properties
  • High stress resistance: more homogeneous results
  • Increased viability of each ejaculate: more piglets per boar
  • Long-term protection without BSA
  • Unique proprietary membrane and viability stabilizing components help sperm to maintain their integrity throughout diverse ambient conditions and long term
  • Free of animal proteins
  • Exceptional protection against unintended temperature fluctuations
  • Ability for preservation at +5°C, e.g. when resistant bacteria contamination prevents storage at +17°C
  • Reliable supplier: GMP-certified production