CaniPlus Chill 10, long term culture medium for chilled canine semen

Ref.: 13700/0025
Designed to assure high conservation performance of canine semen.
Long term culture medium for canine semen (≤ 10 days). Requires addition of fresh egg yolk.
20 ml
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Product features

The next generation of canine extenders from Minitube are 100% animal protein free. An additive protects the sperm cells during chilled storage. It also protects the sperm cells from damage caused by temperature variations during shipping, prevents oxidative stress and neutralizes degrading metabolites negative effects. Both, CaniPlus Chill ST (short term) and CaniPlus Chill LT (long term) are benefactors of this technology. All canine extenders have a shelf life of 24 months from date of production when stored at +4°C. Extenders maintain 70% of initial motility during the given period for storage/transport.
  • Ideal for international/domestic shipping
  • Requires addition of fresh egg yolk
  • Contains antibiotic

Shipping information

Important note for Canadian and US customers:
Starting April 1 through October 31 there will be restricted shipping on all CaniPlus canine semen extenders. The maximum transit time including weekends is four days. In order to limit transport time, these products may require 2nd Day Air shipping.