CombiSystem MPP Quattro and MiniJet printer

For highest efficiency in semen laboratories

Combine your MPP Quattro filling and sealing machine with the MiniJet printer for a perfect automatic integration of semen processing: filling, sealing and printing of straws in one system and one step.
Broad application range
  • Operation in cold room or cooling cabinet or at room temperature
  • Convert from 0.5 ml to 0.25 ml straws and vice versa in few minutes, without exchanging any parts 
High performance
  • Capacity: 15.000 straws/hour
  • Straw transport unit with light sensor controls for smooth automatic straw feeding
  • Double ejaculate control through built-in, adjustable balance and sensor: allows automatic switch from 4 to 1 needle filling and automatic stop of straw supply at the end of the ejaculate
  • Integrated vacuum pump with sensor for vacuum adjustments guarantees highest filling accuracy
  • Excellent print quality, fast-drying ink
Maximum production reliability
  • 24-hour operational capacity
  • Permanent ink viscosity check-routine: one-of-a-kind technology ensures that ink does not dry out, even during lengthy breaks in production
  • Quick and easy exchange of the compact ultrasound sealing unit secures operation reliably and greatly improves service options
  • Remote or on-site support by experienced Minitube technicians
Easy and safe operation
  • Fully electronic control of all components
  • PC with user-friendly software for animal data management, can link to laboratory software
  • Completely closed filling and sealing area: best hygienic and safety conditions fully guaranteed