Insemination kit, complete with plastic case and MT 30/54

Ref.: 17350/0100
For insemination of small ruminants.
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Scope of delivery

Technician case made of ABS plastic contains:
  • Electronic Thawing unit MT 30/54
  • 50 Universal sheaths for all types of straws, short length for small ruminants
  • 100 Shoulder length AI gloves
  • QuickLock insemination gun, short length for small ruminants
  • ReproJelly sperm-friendly lubricant, 100 ml
  • Vaginal speculum for small ruminants, with 50 exchangeable transparent plastic tubes and illuminated handle
  • MiniCutter
  • Thermometer up to 50°C
  • 1 pair of angled tweezers
  • 15 cm clamp for holding the canister