Suzy, artificial sow, model for AI training, for traditional insemination

Ref.: 22400/0100
Sow model for artificial insemination training, with naturally shaped silicone genital tract.

To train introduction of catheter, positioning in cervix/uterus and application of AI dose.
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Product features

  • Natural sow size
  • Comes with genital tract for traditional AI
  • Starter-kit including 100 catheters (Ref. 17106/9176) and two tubes of ReproJelly (Ref. 11907/0100)

Your benefits

  • Anatomically correct sow model including full reproductive tract and cervix which provides an authentic feeling during AI training
  • Modular approach providing different training levels for quick learning success
  • Correct introduction of AI catheter and inner cannula is confirmed by oinking sound
  • Real, complete insemination process can be performed
  • Compact and light-weight training model for easy transport and cleaning