Published Papers

Sêmen refrigerado - Um vilão na assistência reprodutiva equina

Published at: Revista Evolução Campolina, v.6, n.12, p.53-57, 2017
Authors: M.M. Nunes
Abstract: A reprodução na raça Campolina utiliza com frequência as doses de sêmen refrigeradas e transportadas em sua rotina reproductiva, sendo o uso de sêmen congelado ainda pequeno no raça e o envio dos animais para cobrirem diretamente, algo já ultrapassado...

Sêmen Criopreservado - Uma nobre biotecnologia limitada pela desinformação

Published at: Revista Evolução Campolina, v.5, n.12, p.40-43, 2016
Authors: M.M. Nunes
Abstract: A criopreservação do sêmen equino sofre com a carência de informações acerca de sua eficiência, aplicabilidade e pré-requisitos necessários à sua adoção definitiva nas estratégias reprodutivas e comerciais dos criatórios...

Antibiotic-free hypothermic storage of boar semen in Androstar® Premium results in similar fertility compared to semen stored at 17°C in extender with antibiotic content

Published at: Applied Animal Andrology Conference, Tours 2016
Authors: R. Großfeld, W. Peralta, KF. Weitze, D. Waberski
Abstract: Worldwide, antibiotic resistance of bacteria in extended boar semen is increasing. The situation is favoured by overwhelming use of antibiotics...

Undirectional gas flow technique for cryopreservation of bovine semen

Published at: ESDAR conference 2015, Bulgaria
Authors: A. Kassens, M. Wallner, D. Becherer, R. Großfeld, E. Haeusler, V. Windisch, M. Esch
Abstract: Post-thaw quality of bull semen is improved when cryopreservation is performed using a liquid nitrogen freezer with unidirectional gas flow...

Toxicity of multilayer plastics for boar semen

Published in:
BuS - Das Magazin - 2014/2015, Germany
Rudolf Großfeld, Carmen de Alba, Monika Esch 
At present, in the industry of artificial insemination, plastic packaging
and plastic materials are one of the most widely used alternatives for
boar semen storage....

Use of refractometry to prevent inadequate semen extender preparation and consequent impaired quality of porcine semen doses

Published in:
18th Annual Conference of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR), Helsinki, Finland. Reprod Dom Anim 49 (Suppl. 3): 69.
R Großfeld / Landshut, Germany;
K Rüdiger, M Schulze / Institute for the Reproduction of Farm Animals Schönow Inc., Bernau, Germany

In vitro mimicking of estrous cycle stages in porcine oviduct epithelium cells

Published in:
BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION (2013) 89(3):54, 1–12
Shuai Chen, Ralf Einspanier and Jennifer Schoen
First scientific publication about a research project using AndroVision as a semen analysis tool. This publication underlines the suitability of AndroVision not only for semen processing, but also for investigation concerning semen motility and other applications: in this case the ciliar activity was analyzed with AndroVision through measuring the velocity of movement of fluorescent beads.

Minitube artificial breeding seminars - Bendigo

Published in:
Pork Journal, Vol. 35, No. 3
Graeme Pope / Graeme Pope Consulting, Nuriootpa
Two day seminar of pig reproduction and artificial breeding presented by Minitube Australia in Bendigo, May 22-23.

La inseminación intrauterina en cerdos: beneficios y riesgos

Publicado en:
AVANCES, Volume X, Julio-Augusto 2013,
Dra. Carmen de Alba Romero y col. Minitub Ibérica

Moving forward - semen quality in insemination of pigs

Published in:
RindSchweinSchaf, 01/13
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Waberski and Dr. Martin Schulze
In the last ten years, the insemination of pigs has developed rapidly all over the world. High semen quality has been proved to be the key for fertility in pig breeding farms. The reproductive research opens up new perspectives to ensure high quality in semen collection centers. However, breeders and veterinarians are also important, when it comes to talk about semen quality and fertility.


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