MultiCoder – The innovation in lab sample labeling

Minitube presents the first and only system on the market for semi-automatic direct print on lab items. Professionalize your lab process with quick and easy machine-readable labeling of samples!

First AndroVision® CASA System for Uruguay

On April 30, 2019, the Bull station “El Coraje” de Bove Itzaina Hnos, purchased one Minitube’s AndroVision® CASA System in Sarandí del Yí - Uruguay, to support their routine semen analysis and Quality control.

Minitub do Brasil as technological partner: Inauguration of new Brazilian Boar Stud

Recently, UDG Aurora was inaugurated in Chapecó / SC, with close technological partnership of Minitub do Brasil.


TurboFreezer – The innovation in straw freezing technology

The aerodynamic design of the TurboFreezer and the unidirectional, horizontal nitrogen gas flow ensure that all straws pass through identical freezing curves. The freezing pattern of each single straw is precisely controlled by instant removal of crystallization energy.

Reproduction of Pigs – Practice and Experience: Minitube Seminar in Ukraine

The hottest, in the full sense of the word, seminar concerning porcine artificial insemination "Reproduction of Pigs – Practice and Experience." was recently held in Kiev (Ukraine). It was organized with the support of the main Minitube distributors in Ukraine, Veteco and Vetlikar.

GFS presents AndroVision® at the AGRAR Business-Days trade fair

During the AGRAR Business-Days trade fair in Münster, our customer, the GFS - Genossenschaft zur Förderung der Schweinehaltung eG (a registered Association for the Advancement of Pig Farming in Germany), made use of their stand to demonstrate to the specialist audience the high standards of quality assurance that are applied at the stations. The focus in this context was the Minitube CASA system AndroVision®.


MiniBSP – Fully automatic boar semen production

The MiniBSP is a reliable and efficient packaging machine for boar semen that can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with lab management software.

At A.R.C. Slovakia: AndroVision in use for wild animal reproduction

Minitube's AndroVision® CASA system has recently been installed in Slovakia to support projects in the reproduction of wild animals.


CaniPlus – high conservation performance of canine semen

Optimize the preservation of canine semen by using CaniPlus extenders. The next generation of canine extenders from Minitube is 100% animal protein free. An additive prevents the need to add egg yolk and protects the sperm cells during chilled storage. It also protects the sperm cells from damage caused by temperature variations during shipping, prevents oxidative stress and neutralizes degrading metabolites negative effects.

AI training model Henryetta

Henryetta - Better quality and more flexibility for your AI training

AI training advances to the next level with the life-like training model cow "Henryetta". This revolutionary concept offers unique training opportunities and provides more flexibility around the timing and location of your AI courses. The number of inseminations performed in life animals during training can be significantly reduced, which improves both cost efficiency and animal welfare.


GMP compliance of Minitube´s extender production facility confirmed