At A.R.C. Slovakia: AndroVision in use for wild animal reproduction

Minitube's AndroVision® CASA system has recently been installed in Slovakia to support projects in the reproduction of wild animals.

The Animal Reproduction Centre A.R.C. in Bratislava, Slovakia, is a family company that provides practical reproductive technology for animal and veterinary services. Specialized in wild animals like mouflons, chamoises and bears, or half domesticated wild animal species in extensive farming conditions like red deer, fallow deer or bison, biologist Jaroslav Pokorádi, Ph.D., and his team use twenty years of experience in the field of assisted reproduction.

Some years ago, A.R.C Slovakia has set up a mobile lab for semen freezing, using Minitube equipment. The service for its customers now covers semen analysis and freezing, andrological examinations, sperm banks, or embryo transfer. Not only for Central Europe, but also for Russia, South America or Africa, Mr. Pokorádi made his mark as an expert for numerous projects concerning reproductive health checks of males and females. Worldwide, he is called for freezing semen of wild animals where one of his tasks is gaining sperm from recently deceased male animals and freezing it for later application.

In addition, he is performing breeding soundness tests for domestic or half domesticated animals, at around 700 bulls, rams and billy goats or bisons and stags a year. The analysis report of the CASA system is therefore of great importance.

With installing AndroVision®, he got the optimum support for his workflow process extracting any information the he needs for his purposes through precise, standardized and interactive semen analysis.

“I and my team are pleased to see Minitube in the field of biotechnology in the world of animals, which, with its products and reliable instruments, improves the reproductive health of animals. The AndroVision® system is like a good German car: fast, reliable and professional.”, Jaroslav Pokorádi explained.


GMP compliance of Minitube´s extender production facility confirmed