GFS presents AndroVision® at the AGRAR Business-Days trade fair

During the AGRAR Business-Days trade fair in Münster, our customer, the GFS - Genossenschaft zur Förderung der Schweinehaltung eG (a registered Association for the Advancement of Pig Farming in Germany), made use of their stand to demonstrate to the specialist audience the high standards of quality assurance that are applied at the stations. The focus in this context was the Minitube CASA system AndroVision®.

The GFS, a cooperative with around 8,000 members, supplies its customers with top-quality boar semen in terms of fertility and genetics. More than 2,200 prized boars are used for semen collection. As a long-standing customer of Minitüb GmbH, GFS purchases not only our consumables but also our high-tech laboratory equipment for processing and packaging boar semen.

For the production of over 4 million semen tubes sold annually, the demands for top quality standards are equally high from all sides. With the introduction of computer-assisted semen analysis for ejaculate assessment, the GFS has taken a major step forward in the further development of semen laboratory testing methods, which has in turn enabled a number of other important innovations.

After intensive testing of several different CASA systems, the GFS opted for the AndroVision® system from Minitüb. Following numerous comparative tests of GFS semen at the reference laboratories TiHo Hannover and IFN Schönow, the conversion to the AndroVision® CASA system in the GFS sperm laboratories was completed during the course of 2018.

As one of the 370 exhibitors, GFS was now presenting themselves to their end customers at the AGRAR Business-Days trade fair. At their booth, the AndroVision® sperm analysis process could be followed live and provided deeper insight into the work of the GFS. The specialist audience was impressed by the possibilities and advantages which can be achieved compared to conventional estimation techniques: As a result of the unbiased sperm screening, a larger random sampling, and the exact parallel measurement of sperm concentration and motility together with the proportion of sperm with malformations, it is possible to determine an exact number of quality sperm in the ejaculate.

GFS customers are thereby assured of receiving an equal number of fertile sperm in every insemination unit in accordance with the new and more precise BRS quality standard. More offspring from the best tested boars translates into higher profitability for the end customer.

The strong commitment to high quality standards at Minitube combined with the highest demands for top quality standards on the part of the GFS guarantee top genetics that reach the end customer. 


GMP compliance of Minitube´s extender production facility confirmed