MiniBSP – Fully automatic boar semen production


The MiniBSP is a reliable and efficient packaging machine for boar semen that can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with lab management software.

The filling technology of the MiniBSP guarantees sperm friendly dispensing of single and pooled ejaculates. All functions are controlled and monitored by the integrated system control.

The MiniBSP is equipped with elaborate construction details that guarantee best observation ability, optimal machine operation and minimum maintenance. The MiniBSP represents high quality technology designed and manufactured in Germany.

Semen from approx. 47.000 boars is processed worldwide on MiniBSPs with an increasing tendency due to boar studs getting more professional every day. The MiniBSP provides them with efficiency, high performance and consistency of semen production.

Main product features

  • Processing speed of 950 tubes per hour in continuous operation
  • Adjustable sealing station for different tube sizes (30 ml to 90 ml)
  • Second filling station for tubes with automatic ejaculate change
  • Secure sealing of tubes with ultrasound
  • Labelling with barcodes, 2D-codes, PDF 417-codes and company logo
  • Fully automatic data transfer from and to lab software in real time
  • Silent, space-saving and easy to clean
  • Global service guarantee

MiniBSP film


GMP compliance of Minitube´s extender production facility confirmed