Minitube - one of the top 30 most family-friendly companies

Frau Fauth-Herkner (Mitte) mit Mitarbeitern und Geschäftsleitung der Minitüb GmbH

Minitube is one of three Lower Bavarian companies that have qualified for the finals of the competition, "Successful Family Friendly".

The competition is an initiative within the framework of the Bavarian Family Pact. The Bavarian State Government has concluded this together with the Bavarian economy in order to further improve the compatibility of family and working life.

227 companies have registered for the award as one of the 20 most family-friendly companies in Bavaria. Thirty participants have now been selected for the final round of the "Successful Family Friendly" competition of the Bavarian Ministry of Labor and Economy.

The competition will take a close look at the participating companies. Last week, Ms. Fauth-Herkner from the supervising institute interviewed some of the company's employees, who reported on their personal situation. Whether the part-time working father on parental leave, the mother of two with a flexible home office workplace or the employee with relatives in need of care, all certified that Minitube comprehensively supports individual needs, in order to achieve a near to perfect work-life balance.

Dr. Christian Simmet, managing director of the company knows: "Those who want to retain good, specialized personnel must provide offers so that the employees can reconcile family and work." Minitube, system provider for the assisted reproduction of animals, offers its 140 employees in Germany diverse and creative offers ranging from flexible working time models, also in the home office, help with administrative matters, to support services for caregivers. The owner-managed family business attaches importance to short ways and tries to support its employees always individually and best possible in their respective life situations.