Minitube sustains regional and international organisations

The Minitube staff voted for donations to the three non-profit organisations “Doctors without borders”, “DKMS – we delete blood cancer” and the “Landshut Foodbank”.

In view of the successful results in 2016, the management of Minitüb GmbH was concerned to use a proportion of the profit for charitable purposes. For the first time, employees were called upon to vote on the three donor recipients. The participation in the online survey was gratifyingly high and the result was clear at the end: From a wide range of non-profit organisations the election fell on “Doctors without borders” (EUR 4000.00), “DKMS – we delete blood cancer” (EUR 3500.00) and the “Landshut Foodbank” (EUR 2500.00).

Thus, in addition to a local one, a national and international project can be promoted in its meaningful work, which shows the regional connections as well as the interest in global topics - giving truth in the motto of the Landshut Foodbank: “It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.” (Molière).

Successful re-certification: audit confirms GMP norms for Minitüb’s extender production facility