Two new specialists joining the Minitube USA team

New Specialists Minitube USA

Minitube USA is proud to announce the addition of two new staff members. Having recruited Kayla McCullough and Callie Collins, Minitube USA has succeeded in gaining two dedicated specialists for their experienced sales team.

Kayla McCullough (in the center of the picture) joined Minitube USA on May 20, 2019, as Porcine Account Manager. She is a recent graduate of Illinois State University who has received degrees in both Animal Science and Animal Industry Management with a special emphasis in Animal Reproduction Physiology and Endocrinology. Over the years, Kayla has acquired essential hands on experience in porcine health and husbandry through internships, managing different swine operations, and her show pig career. In addition to both of her bachelor’s degrees and production training, Kayla also has experience in conducting and organizing two research trials. Kayla looks forward to assisting swine producers by sharing her knowledge and experience in the swine industry. 

Callie Collins (left in the picture) also joined Minitube USA on May 20, 2019, as an Account Manager for Small Ruminants. She recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. While pursuing her degree, Callie was employed at the University of Wisconsin Madison Livestock Laboratory. In addition to learning animal husbandry, she assisted in research consisting of Johne’s Disease in goats and cattle, lung and pancreatic cancer in pigs relating to humans, and boar reproduction physiology. She was specifically assisting a PhD student researching the effects of heat stress on semen motility and morphology. That research solidified her passion for reproduction technology, and she is excited to share her knowledge and passion while serving her clients.

Kayla and Callie look forward to working with all Minitube customers and partners. Please feel free to contact them directly via email or phone:

Kayla McCullough

Callie Collins


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