Phase contrast microscope, trinocular, Olympus CX43, heated stage, HT 200

includes: photo tube, 30° viewing angle,
quintuple revolving nosepiece,
phase achromat objectives:
ACH 20PH/0.40 20x, ACH 40PH/0.65 40x
Phase contrast turret condensor,
2 widefield eyepieces WHC10x,
centering telescope,
cross stage with travel guide,
integrated LED illumination.
Heating system HT 200: consisting of heated
stage and control unit HT 200 with
digital temperature displays and additonal
warming plate, 180 x 180 mm.
Temperature range: ambient to +50°C,
accuracy: +/-0.2°C
Power supply: 115 - 230V/50 - 60Hz

REF. 12005/0041