EuroTier digital 2021

Minitube presents itself on the digital platform for the international agricultural sector.

Mexitube Alemania: Inauguration of remodeled offices

Mexitube Alemania, S.A. de C.V., subsidiary of Minitube International in Mexico, has recently inaugurated a remodeled office building in Querétaro. 

Minitube Season´s Greetings

The Minitube year in review can be summarized: "Different than wished, still better than expected". We were challenged by an extraordinary situation, in every country, in every field of business. Without meeting personally however, we were united by common concerns. We wish you a merry and relaxing Christmas and a successful start into a happy and healthy new year.

Minitube goes virtual - Minitube's Virtual Trade Fair

No travel, no personal meetings, no EuroTier or other fairs. Due to this situation we set up a virtual exhibition in order to give our customers the chance to meet us online and obtain comprehensive information about Minitube equipment for the Bovine and Porcine sector.

50 years of Minitube - The development of CASA systems

In 2012, Minitube scientists developed AndroVision® , which was, from the beginning, tailored to the needs of animal breeding and not borrowed from human medicine. AndroVision® is still today a never ending story and provides new and more functions to its users every year.

Minitüb GmbH receives certificate of honor from the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

The history of Minitube began 50 years ago in a small laboratory in Landshut. Today, Minitube International is the market leader for technologies for assisted reproduction of farm animals. On the occasion of the company's 50th anniversary, Minitüb GmbH has now received an IHK certificate of honor. 

Excellent partnership

50 years of Minitube - that also means 50 years of successful cooperation with distributors all over the world, servicing and advising the users of Minitube products. One of these long-term partners, the Argentinian company Phibro (formerly Biotay) recently congratulated Minitube with a very special award.

BoarMatic: hygienic and efficient boar semen collection

With the BoarMatic, Minitube has developed an efficient technique of boar semen collection. In combination with the US Bag®, boar semen can be collected under optimal hygienic conditions.

50 years of Minitube - the launch of semen extenders

The major benefit of AI would be void without the research discovery of semen extenders, which protect sperm cells through temperature and time - and thereby allow storage. Beginning with the launch of Triladyl® bull semen extender in 1974, constant improvements and research led to a variety of Minitube diluents for different species and different applications.

Spectrum: high pregnancy rates with frozen-thawed stallion semen

The SBS CryoSystem consists of a range of freezing extenders, allowing the clinician to identify the best extender and complementary freezing protocol for each individual stallion. This results in more successfully frozen ejaculates, overall higher quality of frozen semen and more commercial doses per ejaculate.

Minitube celebrates 50 years of innovation