Assisted reproduction in dogs: learn with the Minitube online seminar!

For all breeders and veterinarians interested in gaining and intensifying their canine AI expertise, Minitube offers a convenient digital course option.

Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks

In order to maintain the standard of our service and support, Minitube International has taken a series of preventive measures to minimize the risks to our team, families and customers.

Mexitube Alemania at AMVECAJ 2020

The Los Altos de Jalisco Pig Veterinary Association (AMVECAJ) organized one of the two largest professional events in Mexico at which Mexitube Alemania was also represented with an attracting stand.

BoviFree: unique sperm protection during freezing and thawing

BoviFree is an innovative, entirely egg-free extender: it contains no egg yolk or egg yolk derived components and no liposomes. Highly effective antioxidants and proprietary sperm membrane protectants as well as a strong buffering system provide unique protection to spermatozoa during freezing and thawing.

QuickTip® semen bags: safer bag technology for boar semen

Minitube QuickTip® semen bags are 100% sperm-safe. They are made from an innovative multilayer plastic foil, which is entirely free from any adhesive. Every batch undergoes extensive sperm toxicity tests (Sperm Safe program) before it is released for sale.

AndroVision®: More than CASA

AndroVision® is a highly precise CASA system for standardized, interactive semen analysis. For a deeper dive in the topic of automatic animal semen analysis, please take a look at the brand new SpermNotes special edition on AndroVision®.

Minitube sponsors AAEP preconference wet lab

Minitube sponsors the AAEP preconference wet lab on essential techniques for the incorporation of oocyte technologies and ICSI-produced embryos in an equine practice. 

Workshop with Ibero-Latinamerican Minitube subsidiaries and partners

After the successful premiere in Brazil in 2016, the second Ibero-Latinamerican workshop of Minitube subsidiaries and partners took place in Querétaro, Mexico, from November 26-29, 2019. 

Partnership-based cooperation for over 20 years: “Landshuter Werkstätten” employing people with disabilities supply Minitube

Landshuter Werkstätten GmbH operates recognized workshops and production sites for people with disabilities. Also Minitube appreciates the DIN ISO-certified services of this reliable supplier. 

Minitube USA fall Canine TCI seminars

A record November snowstorm and cold weather could not dampen the spirits of attendees to the three scheduled TCI seminars sessions, hosted by Minitube USA in Madison, Wisconsin. Travelling from all parts of the United States and Canada participants braved snow and record low temperatures to learn the art of Transcervical Insemination in Canine. 

Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks
Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks