Androstar® extenders – superior boar semen protection

Androstar® extenders provide outstanding semen preservation due to an innovative combination of highly effective membrane protecting agents and specialized antioxidants. 

They reduce adverse effects from unpredictable environmental and handling conditions. High stress resistance of the semen leads to more homogeneous results.

Robustness T³: Temperature, Transport, Time

  • Powerful temperature puffer: External influences on the sensitive sperm cells are effectively buffered over a wide temperature range from +5° to +25°C
  • High physical stress resistance: The functionality of the spermatic cell membranes is protected against the influences of suboptimal transport and storage conditions
  • Long-term preservation: Unique proprietary membrane and viability stabilizing components help sperm to maintain their viability over a longer duration

Need more arguments? Discover the benefits and convince yourself: scientific and field study results are compiled in our brandnew Androstar® brochure.

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