AndroVision®: More than CASA

AndroVision® is a highly precise CASA system for standardized, interactive semen analysis. 

It not only provides classical analyses of motility, concentration and morphology, but also various fluorescence based assessments of sperm functionality. 

Optional software modules complement the basic system with PC and accessories.

  • Real time analysis of live images and video files, analysis profiles for many species, database with analysis results
  • Easy to use: only 3 mouse clicks from start to result
  • Analysis of up to 4 fields in 20 seconds (without AutoMorph) or 30 seconds (with AutoMorph)
  • Very high sperm count per field (>1000)
  • Highly efficient particle filter for accurate sperm differentiation
  • Lightmeter for illumination control
  • Adjustable analysis parameters, user created profiles, flexible display of results and individually designed analysis reports with photos
  • Data export to MS Excel and other programs
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, French
  • Network compatible

These and all other product features are compiled in the AndroVision® leaflet.

For a deeper dive, please take a look at the brand new SpermNotes special edition on AndroVision®. The following content awaits you:

  • The secret behind highly precise measurements with AndroVision® 
  • AndroVision®: one system, numerous possibilities
  • AndroVision® in animal semen laboratories
  • Accuracy of AndroVision® AutoMorph measurement
  • The importance of membrane and acrosome integrity in connection with semen freezing
  • Satisfied customers are the best reference
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