Assisted reproduction in dogs: learn with the Minitube online seminar!

For all breeders and veterinarians interested in gaining and intensifying their canine AI expertise, Minitube offers a convenient digital course option.

Canine reproduction seminar fully booked or located too far away? - Online courses always open!

For those of our global customers of whom attending the offered Minitube seminars is not easy to manage logistically, Minitube and TherioConsult can provide you with a time-saving and effective alternative: An online seminar on “Male Canine Reproductive Physiology and Semen Handling“ is now offered with an easy and affordable expert interactive course available for PCs or smartphones.

Minitube‘s educational course is designed for breeders and veterinarians to provide updated methods and eye-opening insights with an interactive platform that is easy to use and affordable. The course provides the tools and know-how to improve the management and effectiveness of dog reproduction enterprises including optimized consultation of clients. 

Three main chapters are emphasized in the course:

  • Male Dog Physiology and Semen Collection
  • Canine Semen Evaluation (motility, morphology and special evaluations)
  • Canine Semen Preservation (fresh, chilled and frozen semen)

Chapters can be completed at your own pace, repeated, re-evaluated or skipped if already mastered. All classes are available online and can be accessed 24/7 via computer, tablet or smartphone. Source material, including PDF‘s, images and videos, can be downloaded for future reference.

Open the attached course flyer to find out more about these courses and how you can register or visit http://courses.minitube.com.

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