CombiSystem: For highest efficiency in your semen laboratory

Combine your filling and sealing machine MPP Quattro or MPP Uno with the MiniJet printer for a perfect automatic integration of semen processing: filling, sealing and printing of straws in one system and one step.

Main product features:

  • Conversion between 0.25 ml and 0.5 ml straws without exchanging any parts and within only a few minutes
  • Professional ultrasound sealing
  • Semen level control and automatic stop of straw supply at the end of the ejaculate
  • Full electronic control of all components via included standard PC
  • Clear and user-friendly software with donor data files, can be combined with laboratory software
  • Immediately non-abrasive print
  • One-of-a-kind technology ensures that ink does not dry out, even during lengthy breaks in production
  • Completely closed filling and sealing area - best hygienic and safety conditions fully guaranteed
  • Can be operated in cold room or cabinet or at room temperature

Trust in intelligent machine design and modern technology guaranteeing a perfect semen packaging workflow:

  • Reliable machine: Flawless and secure process – no downtime
  • Time saving: High processing speed – fast and easy cleaning
  • Economic operation: Optimal filling results, no semen is wasted – low ink costs

CombiSystem MPP Quattro and MiniJet Printer JET 3up

CombiSystem MPP Uno and MiniJet Printer

Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks
Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks