Minitube sponsors AAEP preconference wet lab

Minitube sponsors the AAEP preconference wet lab on essential techniques for the incorporation of oocyte technologies and ICSI-produced embryos in an equine practice. 

Hosted at the Equine Reproduction Laboratory of Colorado State University, 24 participants had the chance to learn about oocyte collection and transport of oocytes and embryos from some of the most respected experts in the industry. Elaine Carnevale, Tom Stout, Ryan Ferris, Hunter Ortis and Jennifer Hatzel guided participants through four sessions including identification and handling of oocytes, packaging of oocytes and handling embryos, ovarian positioning for transvaginal aspirations and techniques for transvaginal aspirations.

Minitube products including the aspiration and injection pump paired with our double lumen needles were on hand to use during the aspiration wet lab. Valuable hands on experience along with in depth discussions about techniques, protocols and equipment made this event a priceless experience for everyone in attendance.  

The wet lab made for a perfect “warm-up” for the AAEP conference held December 7-11, 2019, in Denver, CO, where a variety of topics covering all aspects in equine medicine were presented.

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