Suzy: a new approach to artificial insemination training

 “Suzy” is an artificial sow for training AI technicians in a safe and convenient environment, before they start working with real animals.

  • Anatomically correct sow model including full reproductive tract and cervix which provides an authentic feeling during AI training
  • Modular approach providing different training levels for quick learning success
  • Passage of inner cannula of PCAI catheter is very natural through noticeable cervix cushions
  • Correct introduction of AI catheter and inner cannula is confirmed by oinking sound
  • „Real“, complete insemination process can be performed
  • Compact and light-weight training model for easy transport and cleaning

Increase the efficiency of your AI training courses and contribute to the enhancement of animal welfare!

The artificial sow provides flexibility around timing and location of AI training courses, and also lowers the risk of injury to animals by unexperienced trainees. Training units can be repeated as often as necessary. All these benefits help to provide optimal training and ultimately an improved performance of applicants of AI in sows.

Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks
Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks