TurboFreezer – The innovation in straw freezing technology

The aerodynamic design of the TurboFreezer and the unidirectional, horizontal nitrogen gas flow ensure that all straws pass through identical freezing curves. The freezing pattern of each single straw is precisely controlled by instant removal of crystallization energy.

Semen freezing in conventional freezers suffers from unpredictable cold and warm spots distributed throughout the freezing chamber. With the TurboFreezer bull studs realize standardized semen freezing curves independent of straw position and thus achieve higher yields through improved, uniform post-thaw quality of the ejaculate.

Further benefits

  • Precise control through user defined freezing programs
  • Ergonomic and easy handling of racks and straws in ample freezing chamber
  • Outstanding economy due to high throughput
  • Option to start with temperature +5°C from second freezing cycle on, saving time and LN2
  • Available in two sizes: TurboFreezer L for 5250 straws of 0.25 ml or 3000 straws of 0.5 ml and TurboFreezer M for 2650 straws 0.25 ml or 1500 straws 0.5 ml per freezing circle

TurboFreezer film

Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks
Covid-19 - preventive measures to minimize risks