IDA Standard Lab Software

Minitube software based on Access 2000.
Includes basic module with bull data base, ejaculate batch data base, AndroVision, photometer and scale connection, dose calculation, quality control data entry, ILAS standard reporting tool.
Plus additional modules: collection plan, ejaculate splitting function, dispenser control, CombiSystem control, statistics and reports package, data export, documentation of post-thaw analysis.
Processing of double ejaculates in one batch and splitting of ejaculates is possible.
Animal history displayed in each batch data sheet, including post-thaw results with release and usage information.
Statistics: analysis of all production parameters with ILAS, Excel or statistic programs, including design of customized reports.
Available languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian.
Requires license of: Microsoft Office Professional incl. Acccess.
Modules also available individually: IDA Basic Module (Ref. 18500/0008), Module Collection Plan (Ref. 18500/0030), Module Dispenser Connection (Ref. 18500/0020), Module CombiSystem Connection (Ref. 18500/0010), Module Splitting (Ref. 18500/0050)

REF. 18500/0000