Artificial sow Suzy, AI training model

Sow model for artificial insemination training, with naturally shaped silicone genital tract.
To train introduction of catheter, positioning in cervix and application of AI dose. Natural sow size.
Starter-Kit incl. 100 catheters (Ref. 17106/9176) and two tubes of ReproJelly (Ref. 11907/0100).

Product features:

  • Anatomically correct sow model including full reproductive tract and cervix which provides an authentic feeling during AI training
  • Modular approach providing different training levels for quick learning success
  • Passage of inner cannula of PCAI catheter is very natural through noticeable cervix cushions
  • Correct introduction of AI catheter and inner cannula is confirmed by oinking sound
  • „Real“, complete insemination process can be performed
  • Compact and light-weight training model for easy transport and cleaning

REF. 22400/0100