CombiSystem MPP Quattro and MiniJet Printer JET 3up

Number of straws processed per cycle
freely selectable (up to four).
Easy to change between straw sizes.
Exchangeable hopper with 2200 straw capacity
for 0.25 ml and 1300 for 0.5 ml.
Double ejaculate control through built-in,
adjustable balance and sensor: allows
automatic switch from 4 needle filling to
1 needle filling at the end of the ejaculate.
Ultrasound sealing unit.
Integrated vaccum pump with sensor
for vacuum adjustments.
PLC microprocessor control.
PC-controlled inkjet printer for semen straws.
User friendly software with easy and flexible
label generation: manual selection out of
database or automated by barcode reader
or free text in edit line mode.
Diagnostic function for connected devices.
Straw transport unit with light sensor controls.
Permanent viscosity check-routine.
24 hour operational capacity.
Stainless steel case with touchscreen monitor.
PC with Minitüb software with database
for animal management.
Power supply: 115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50-60 Hz.
Requires license of:
Microsoft Office Professional incl. Acccess

REF. 13018/0002