Über Minitübe ein Übersichtsbild

About Minitube

Founded in 1970 by Dr. Ludwig Simmet, Minitube International today sets worldwide standards in reproductive technology. Based on groundbreaking patents and ideas, the company has developed from a small provider of high-quality artificial insemination (AI) products to a world leader in state-of-the-art assisted reproduction technologies. With a full range of assisted reproduction products and services, Minitube provides a global service to customers in agriculture, sports, pet breeding, veterinary and human medicine and in diverse research fields. 

As an industry leader, Minitube International understands the importance of providing products that do not compromise quality or safety, even if this results in higher production costs. For this reason, all proprietary products are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facilities. Headquartered in Tiefenbach, Germany, Minitube International serves customers worldwide with local support through highly qualified subsidiaries and distributors.

Minitube International is a second- and third-generation family business and is characterized by a positive, family-friendly corporate culture. A world-class team of scientists, researchers and technicians at Minitube is engaged in basic and applied research, product development, quality assurance, contract services and customer training. Minitube's experts work closely with leading breeding companies, universities and research institutes around the world to advance knowledge and technology.