Training and education at minitube

Training and Education

Minitube offers specialized product training and educational seminars in assisted reproduction technologies worldwide. Individual and open seminars providing instructions in artificial insemination, embryo transfer, semen analysis, semen processing and more are offered according to demand.

All training courses blend theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our instructors are well-respected experts in the area of assisted animal reproduction. Minitube cooperates closely with leading studs, universities and research centers. The collective experience and knowledge are incorporated into our seminars where the latest technologies and practices are demonstrated and trained with the participants.

The courses are interactive workshops where presentations, discussions, demonstrations and practical exercise go hand in hand. Minitube training sessions offer useful troubleshooting tips and the trainees benefit from the “learning by doing” approach. Participants receive valuable documentation and a certificate of participation. Minitube trainings are very flexible and available at Minitube premises, at partner facilities, at the customer site and virtually.

  • Semen analysis and semen processing
  • Artificial insemination and pregnancy detection
  • Embryo collection and transfer
  • Ovum Pick Up

  • Semen analysis and semen processing
  • Boar semen freezing
  • PCAI

  • Semen analysis and semen processing
  • Semen freezing
  • Equine AI and ET

  • Canine Artificial Insemination
  • Canine Transcervical Insemination

  • Laparoscopic artificial insemination
  • Embryo flushing and transfer
  • Semen collection, evaluation and freezing

Product training: Working efficiently with Minitube products - our experts will show you how to obtain the best results! Our aim is meeting your individual requirements, to provide all relevant information concerning use and care of the product, as well as trouble shooting instructions.