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Corporate Social Responsibility

We assume responsibility
Planning with foresight, we offer our employees meaningful work and create conditions for a pleasant and fair working environment. In addition, we undertake tasks for community and society and prudently take care of the environment – these are the pillars of social responsibility, which Minitube International abides to.

Sustainable production
Minitube was founded in 1970 with the goal to increase efficiency and welfare of animal husbandry by using technology and science. As one of the pioneers of artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, Minitube International has established itself as the world leader in applying advanced techniques of reproduction in the food manufacturing industry. This way, in partnership with our customers, Minitube International is contributing to the sustainable production of healthy and affordable food stuffs.

In continuous striving for progress and development Minitube cooperates closely with renowned universities, takes part in international conferences and actively supports among others by the Simmet Prize award specific research in the area of Assisted Reproduction of Animals.

Not only during the manufacturing of our products, have we paid attention to economical use of resources. Our buildings are on the cutting edge of technology and designed to achieve as much energy savings as possible. In our production and warehousing facilities, we use concrete core activation, an innovative method of cooling and heating of buildings. The benefit of concrete core activation is primarily the cooling effect in summer, so we can abstain from the use of air conditioning. A heat pump complements these energy saving measures. Of course, with our own photovoltaic system, the power of the sun is also used to generate electricity.

Social responsibility
Minitube is aware of its responsibility to society. As largest employer in the municipality, we value the cooperation with local and regional suppliers. As an example, Minitube appreciates the DIN ISO-certified services of the “Landshuter Werkstätten”, which operates recognized workshops and production sites for people with disabilities – a real win-win situation for more than 20 years.

Internationally, we watch out for our suppliers to respect the compliance with human rights, labor standards and environmental protection policies. In a time that is often oriented only at actual, quick profit, Minitube sets on sustainability, continuity and social commitment. The company and its employees support valuable community-initiated projects or fund-raising campaigns on a regular basis.

Minitube supports charitable and social facilities and projects, regionally and internationally, through donations and charity campaigns, from sponsoring the Tiefenbach youth soccer team to contributions to organizations standing up for fair global distribution of food or for children in need.