Androhep® with Neomycin 1 kg = 20 l

Ref.: AU13537/3200
Long term boar semen extender with Neomycin.
Vet only
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Product features

Androhep® contains BSA and specially selected molecules to maintain the functionality and reactivity of the spermatic cell membranes and to protect the sperm cells from oxidation caused by free radicals. Thus the sperm cells are less susceptible to damages due to suboptimal storage conditions: the temperature limit tolerated by the sperm cells extends to the range of +10°C to +25°C.

Your benefits

  • The high grade HEPES-buffer stabilizes the pH-value in the optimal range
  • The multifunctional molecule BSA binds toxins, enzymes and metabolites and thereby prevents them from harming the sperm cells
  • The membrane stabilizer increases the stress resistance of the sperm cells against suboptimal storage conditions and lowers boar variability
  • The semen is more resistant against stress factors, from the first day on
  • Androhep® produces a strong reduction of the sperm metabolism during the storage, thus the energy reserves of the sperm cells are being conserved (as a result of the high conservation impact, semen suspended in Androhep® Plus has to be incubated for at least 20 minutes at +38°C before the motility analysis can be performed)