AndroScope, mobile semen analysis unit

Ref.: 12500/3000
AndroScope is a compact mobile CASA system that is based on AndroVision® and allows to analyze semen samples anywhere. Device and accessories are compactly stowed in one case.
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Product features

  • Professional high-speed camera and robust focus adjustment for precise semen analysis
  • Works with every PC, laptop, or tablet where MS Windows 10 or newer is installed
  • An USB-3.0 plug is necessary to connect the AndroScope
  • Designed for the use of disposable Minitube counting chambers; other counting chambers of the same dimensions (e.g., Leja chambers) or a standard microscope slide with cover glass can also be used

Your benefits

  • Sperm motility and concentration of various species can be analyzed within some seconds
  • Practical, robust carry case provides optimal protection for the transport of the AndroScope and contains everything you need to perform a semen analysis
  • Heating unit in the analysis area reaches +37°C within a few seconds, so that semen analysis is performed at optimal temperature conditions
  • Analysis reports can be saved for result keeping and for sharing them with others
  • Quick and easy to set up, use and clean
  • Only requires little training to perform an accurate analysis

Our recommendation: SpermApp calculator to assist in the production of boar semen doses for AI
Download the SpermApp for mobile devices from the Google Playstore

Scope of delivery

Carry case includes:
  • 1x AndroScope
  • 1x USB-drive with software
  • 1x Cable for connecting AndroScope to Windows® device
  • 25x Disposable counting chamber Minitube, 20 µm (Ref. 12050/0220)
  • 25x Test tube 2 ml with cap (Ref. 14602/0904)
  • 100x Disposable capillary tube for filling the counting chamber (Ref. 15404/0100)
  • 10x Micro fiber rods (Ref. 12510/0106)