Androstar® Plus without antibiotics, 235 g = 5 l

Ref.: 13531/5005
Plus extender for boar semen long term preservation. The synthetic conservation medium supports the sperm cells over a long period and protects against the influences of suboptimal transport and storage conditions.
25/box, 1750/pallet
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Product features

  • Ideal extender for long term preservation under suboptimal transport and storage conditions
  • Androstar® Plus extends the temperature limit tolerated by the sperm cells to the range of +10°C to +25°C
  • Maintains a high level of semen quality by protecting the sperm function and reducing chilling-induced changes in sperm reactivity
  • Besides a potent buffer system and an effective combination of antioxidants, Androstar® Plus contains an efficient and well-proven membrane stabilizer
  • Cell Shield Protection (CSP), a proprietary additive in Minitube’s high performance extenders, provides unparalleled protection for sperm exposed to a variety of ambient conditions
  • Some Androstar® Plus variants include a newly developed organic bactericidal supplement (OBS) that allows reducing the concentration of antibiotics by 50% with the same effective control of bacterial contamination
  • Compensates effectively for various stress factors

Your benefits

  • Minitube extenders are made in Germany in our GMP certified production plant
  • The extenders convince through performance and reliability – batch after batch
  • The user-friendly packaging and excellent solubility make them an easy and safe choice for every lab
  • Minitube extenders are available with a variety of antibiotics, tested for sperm friendliness and efficiency
  • Free of animal proteins