Androstar® Plus without antibiotics, 470 g = 10 l

Ref.: 13531/5010
Plus extender for boar semen long term preservation.
The synthetic conservation medium supports the sperm cells over a long period and protects against the influences of suboptimal transport and storage conditions.

25/box, 1000/pallet
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Product features

Besides a potent buffer system and an effective combination of antioxidants, Androstar® Plus contains an efficient and well-proven membrane stabilizer. Thus, the sperm cells are less susceptible to damages due to suboptimal and volatile storage temperatures. The temperature limit tolerated by the sperm cells extends to the range of +10°C to +25°C.

Your benefits

  • Androstar® Plus contains only synthetic components especially selected for their ability to protect the functionality of the spermatic cell membranes, even under suboptimal storage and transport conditions.
  • Minitube proprietary membrane and viability stabilizing factors are unique components of the well-balanced formula.
  • Androstar® Plus is also available with one or more antibiotics. The antibiotic mixtures allow an efficient control of a large spectrum of bacteria. The antibiotics are proven to be harmless for the sperm quality.
  • Reliable supplier: GMP-certified production.