AndroVision®: CASA software with touchscreen and barcode scanner

Ref.: 12500/0001
AndroVision® is a highly precise automated system for computerized semen analysis. It not only provides classical analyses of motility, concentration and morphology, but also various fluorescence based assessments of sperm functionality. The basic system for the analysis of motility and concentration is complemented by optional software modules.
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Product features

Includes PC, touchscreen and bar code scanner for reading animal data.
  • Very easy to use: only 3 mouse clicks from start to result
  • Real time analysis of live images and video files
  • Very high sperm count per field (>1000)
  • Analysis of up to 4 fields in 20 seconds (without AutoMorph) or 30 seconds (with AutoMorph)
  • Highly efficient particle filter for accurate sperm differentiation
  • Lightmeter for illumination control
  • Analysis profiles for many species
  • Flexible display of results
  • Adjustable analysis parameters and user created profiles
  • Fluorescence based motility and concentration analysis (optional)
  • Data base with analysis results, including AVI video files
  • Data export to MS Excel and other programs
  • Individually designed analysis reports with photos
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, French
  • Network compatible
  • Electrical connection: 110 V/60 Hz and 220 V/50 Hz

Your benefits

Concentration and motility, acrosome integrity, viability, mitochondrial activity and DNA integrity can be assessed fast and accurately with up to 1000 cells per field, making AndroVision® the perfect tool for the objective and complete semen evaluation. Its features make AndroVision® the ideal choice for semen assessment in a research and production lab. AndroVision® is intuitive and easy to use: only 3 clicks from start to result. This optional hardware configuration for AndroVision® consists of a touchscreen and barcode scanner. Since this system needs neither keyboard nor mouse, AndroVision® becomes even more efficient to use. This hardware configuration prevents errors through a barcode based donor choice for production and quality control.