Beyond®, equine semen extender for long-term storage

Ref.: 13570/0100
Equine semen extender for long-term storage of chilled semen at +5°C and optionally at +17°C. Ready to use in 100 ml bottles.
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Product features

  • Chemically defined, synthetic medium with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, contains antibiotics and a fungicide
  • Beyond® is ready to use and added directly to the centrifuged semen pellet
  • Depending on its initial quality, the semen can be stored for up to 14 days at +5°C and up to 7 days at +17°C

Your benefits

  • Extension of storage time from 3-4 days with conventional extenders to up to 14 days with Beyond®
  • More flexibility in the timing of insemination and logistics due to longer storage time of the semen
  • Less frequent collection of stallions, resulting in improved animal welfare, more efficiency and a decrease of costs
  • Storage at +17°C is a viable option for “poor coolers” and for stallions with low initial semen quality
  • All components are purely synthetic, reducing the risk of uterine inflammation