Bi-distiller, 8 l/h

Ref.: 14052/2108
Purifies any water and removes all contaminants such as organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals and biological contaminants through the distillation process.
Water still for double distillation. Produces ultra-pure, bacteria and pyrogen-free distillate with a very low conductivity.
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Product features

  • Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 8 l/h
  • Usage of cooling water: 198 l/h
  • Electrical connection: 400 V/50-60 Hz, 11.5 KW
  • Input: 11 500 W

Your benefits

Our Bi-distillers are fully automatic and produced of first class materials, made to withstand even rough service conditions. The heating elements of both distillation stages are protected against over temperatures by thermostatic low water cut-offs.