Minitube boar semen extenders: maximum security and performance

Why are Minitube extenders safer?

The consistently superior quality of Minitube extenders is due to exclusive use of highly pure and certified ingredients and to a strict quality control of each batch of raw components and of each batch of extender produced. The controls include a full scope of spermatology exams in an accredited third-party lab. Minitube is the only GMP-certified manufacturer of boar semen extenders. All production steps comply with the rigorous GMP standards.

What is special about Minitube extenders?
  • Proven high performance in the field 
  • Temperature stability during transport and storage
  • Excellent solubility in water
  • Convenient and user-friendly packaging
  • Made in Germany, GMP-certified
  • Third party tested in accredited laboratory under veterinary supervision
The Minitube star series: superior long-term preservation

Minitube star series extenders (Novistar®, Androstar® Plus and Androstar® Premium) are designed to enhance the flexibility of semen use. Equipped with a highly effective pH buffer system, protective antioxidants and sperm-compatible antibacterial agents, star series extenders preserve fertilizing capacities over a wide temperature range during long-term storage.

  • Powerful temperature buffer
  • High physical stress resistance
  • Long-term preservation

Cell Shield Protection (CSP®) is a proprietary additive in Androstar® Plus and Androstar® Premium, which provides unparalleled protection for sperm when exposed to temperature fluctuations or physical stress. CSP® actively plays a role in membrane stabilization and protects against premature sperm capacitation.

The best extender in the Minitube star series, Androstar® Premium, additionally contains a newly developed organic bactericidal supplement (OBS) that allows decreasing the concentration of antibiotics while maintaining the effective control of bacteria.