BoarMatic collection system 9", stainless steel body, for younger boars

Ref.: 11100/0199
With the BoarMatic, Minitube has developed an efficient, improved technique of boar semen collection. The BoarMatic boar dummy is provided with an integrated mechanism for automatic semen collection. With exchangeable mounting element.
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Product features

  • Right or left side collection
  • Height adjustable dummy with gas pressure spring for easy adjustment of height
  • Heavy body made entirely of stainless steel
  • Mounting element made from PUR plastic, can be removed and replaced
  • BoarMatic collection system with slide and cup support for efficient and time saving semen collection
  • Slide underneath the dummy with a holder for the semen collection cup and a clamp for the artificial cervix (AC). During the whole ejaculation process, the boar is free to move forward and backward. After the semen collection, the boar is able to leave the dummy without assistance and the slide with the collection cup automatically rolls to a safe position underneath the dummy.
  • The single use AC is a true copy of the porcine cervix in texture and surface. Its rubber cushions stimulate the boar and assure a perfect hold for the tip of his penis. A tear-away inner pouch to collect the first sperm free jets of the ejaculate and a sheath leading the ejaculate into the semen collection cup are integrated in the AC.
  • Easily exchangeable mounting part that can be replaced within a few seconds, therefore ensuring maximum hygiene conditions during boar semen collection.

Your benefits

  • Suitable for all boars, easy to handle, adaptable to existing installations
  • Simple mechanics, no electric or pneumatic connections necessary, requires low maintenance
  • Reduced physical stress for semen collectors, which increases motivation and the image of this profession