BoviFree, CSS two-step, Fraction I

Ref.: 13501/1250
Synthetic concentrated medium for bull semen, 100 ml for 500 ml of ready-to-use extender. For freezing as well as for preservation of fresh semen. Contains no ingredients of animal origin.
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Product features

BoviFree is an innovative, entirely egg-free extender: it contains no egg yolk or egg yolk derived components and no liposomes. Highly effective antioxidants and proprietary sperm membrane protectants as well as a strong buffering system provide unique protection to spermatozoa during freezing and thawing. In extensive comparative tests, BoviFree achieved consistently superior post-thaw results in a number of sperm parameters of a wide variety of bulls. BoviFree is very easy to prepare, allows for excellent microscopic images and thus is perfectly suited for CASA analysis.