CamelFlush embyro recovery medium with PVA and antibiotics, 1 l, bag

Ref.: 19982/6611
Ready-to-use medium for camelid embryo recovery. Contains buffers, BSA or PVA and antibiotics.
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Product features

CamelFlush is available in plastic bottles and infusion bags. A scale on the bottle/bag simplifies dosage. Easy suspension with hook due to fold-out lug at bottom of bottle and round opening in the bag. Infusion bags with 3-way port configuration and sealed ports for hygienic fluid removal. All media are ready to use (no additives required), and have a shelf life of 24 months.

Your benefits

  • Manufactured under GMP conditions in dedicated clean room
  • Gas-tight packaging for longer shelf life
  • Convenient package sizes
  • Quality control of each batch performed under veterinarian supervision
  • Batch certificate available