DeepBlue porcine ET catheter

Ref.: 19295/0200
Especially designed for the non-surgical embryo transfer in swine. Individually packed, sterilized.
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Product features

  • Outer catheter SafeBlue: disposable insemination catheter, with lubricant coated catheter head, individually packaged and sterilized.
  • Inner catheter: flexible probe, 180 cm long, 4 mm external diameter, 0.5 mm internal diameter.
  • Non-traumatic tip of the inner probe considers the special sensitivity of the uterus wall during the progesterone phase.
  • Special design of the internal probe allows to reach the middle or the anterior third of the uterine horn.

Your benefits

  • Transfer of the embryos in the barn is possible without sedation of the sow.
  • High level of hygiene: the hygienic sanitary sheath of the SafeBlue system protects the tip of the catheter during the canalization through the outer genital tract and thus avoids contamination of the uterus.
  • High farrowing rate: several field trials prove the efficiency of the DeepBlue catheter. By a transfer of a mean of 24-30 embryos per sow, results of 70% conception rate and an average litter size of 7.5 have been recorded.