EasyCult, for bacterial analysis

Ref.: 26000/0010
For the hygiene control in the semen laboratory. Includes two different culture media for the analysis of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

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Product features

Each EasyCult tube contains a small plate that is coated with culture agar on both sides (useable surface: 12 cm2). Due to the flexibility of the plastic plates it is possible to reach sampling points that are not accessible with inflexible plates. By simply dipping into liquids, the plates can also be used for checking contamination in liquid samples.

The two sides contain different culture media, so that one plate provides two different types of information about the microbiological contamination: One side is coated with PCA agar (for aerobic bacteria) and the other side is coated with VRBG medium for the culture of entero bacteria. After an appropriate incubation time (24 hours at +37°C), the results can be quantified.

EasyCult tubes can be stored at room temperature; shelf life is at least 6 months. Due to the easy handling even untrained staff can make use of them.