EmSafe system for embryo collection in bovine and equine

Ref.: 19010/6000
All-in-one dual purpose filter and search dish that requires no attention during flushing procedure. With integrated filter and petri dish with grid, mesh size 65 µ.
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Product features

The EmSafe is ideal for both large and small embryos. The filter system automatically holds a minimum level of 60 ml flushing fluid in the dish. The angled filter mesh provides an optimal flow-through rate and the air vent in the lid is secured by a filter.

Your benefits

  • All-in-one dual purpose filters and search dishes: embryos are recovered directly from the filter dish
  • Secure fixation of the lid during collection and easy to open after collection (no screw cap)
  • Integrated search dish engraved with a grid makes it easy to search and find embryos (mesh size is ideal for all bovine and equine embryo sizes)
  • Filter mesh cannot get dry as it remains in contact with fluid
  • Excess fluid is controlled and removed through outlet tubing with attached thumb clamp (entry hole is big enough to ensure the necessary flow speed of the flushing medium)
  • Connection to all types of Y-tubing (bovine and equine) is possible
  • Absolute tightness
  • Sterilized