Automatic filling, sealing and labeling machine for boar semen bags

Minitube's QT-Packer is characterized by its low space requirement, high processing speed and easy handling. The in-house developed machine and software are supported by an experienced team of Minitube service technicians and programmers.
Unique modular set-up
  • Small footprint of only 1.2 m x 0.6 m or 1 m x 0.9 m
  • Components can be installed at flexible distances and be adapted to ergonomic requirements of the operator
  • Filled semen bags can be collected either in front of the machine bench, underneath the bench or beside the machine
High technical standards
  • High speed of 1500 bags per hour under production conditions in twin filling mode; >1800 bags per hour in continuous operation
  • Excellent filling accuracy of ± 1ml
  • Fully electric design; no need for compressor or pressured air
  • Double Track Guidance System: robust bag insertion; no jams, no cutting failures, height adjustment of the roll holder is not necessary
Many options
  • Fills 60 and 90 ml QuickTip® NT bags for traditional AI and for post cervical AI; no mechanical machine adjustment when switching between bag sizes
  • Choice of twin or single filling mode; >1000 bags per hour in continuous operation of single filling mode
  • Optional combination of twin and single filling mode: automatic switch from twin to single for the last 4 bags of a batch
  • Optional dilution feature in twin filling mode: extender on first filling station, ejaculate on second station
  • Wide range of label designs, including barcode, QR-, PDF417- and DataMatrix-Code and company logos
  • Can be connected to Prism 3.9, Prism10 and IDEE for direct transfer of filling and labeling information
Optimal handling
  • Easy and fast roll change; old and new rolls can be connected in place, it is not necessary to run the complete feeding process for each new roll
  • Quick change system for inserting the tubing and attaching the filling needles; no screws or handles needed
  • In single filling mode, the next batch can be prepared while processing the current batch to provide for minimum downtime between batches