GobletPacker, automatic goblet packing machine

Ref.: 16825/0000
The GobletPacker provides an accurate and reliable solution for filling frozen 0.25 ml straws automatically into goblets in liquid nitrogen/nitrogen vapor.
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Product features

  • Packs up to 100 straws/minute into a wide range of goblets (diameter: 7.1/9.2/10/12/13/35/53/65 mm)
  • GobletPacker lift allows efficient and easy adjustment to changing LN2 level within the vat
  • Liquid nitrogen vat for the GobletPacker provided with a drain to recover LN2 after the packaging task
  • Determine an unknown number of straws (inventory function) or count a user-defined number
  • Acoustic signals alert user of required action
  • Easy to control via user-friendly touch display

Your benefits

  • Time-consuming packaging task is automated, no more manual labor
  • Less risk by reducing handling of liquid nitrogen, more safety for lab personnel
  • Protects semen quality by processing in liquid nitrogen/nitrogen vapor and ensuring ideal storage temperature without fluctuations
  • Accurate and reliable operation due to intelligent, sensor-based design and specialized materials suitable for use in liquid nitrogen/nitrogen vapor

Scope of delivery

  • GobletPacker including collection tray, control unit and power cord
  • Goblet plier for contactless emptying of goblets (Ø 65/53/35 mm)
  • Goblet stand for GobletPacker
  • Tray for inventory mode
  • Shovel
  • De-icer box
  • Tool kit including forceps for handling goblets (240 mm)
  • Operating manual

At least one GobletPacker Kit is required to operate the GobletPacker. This is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.