Accurate, quick, and easy sperm concentration analysis

The SDM 1 is a compact high-precision photometer designed for accurate and reliable sperm concentration analysis in native semen samples of domestic animals. With 13 years of proven performance in the field and laboratory tests, the SDM 1 is the ultimate tool for veterinary practices and breeding facilities. Keep thorough records, track progress, and make informed decisions with ease. 
Why choose the SDM 1?
Accuracy you can trust
The SDM 1 delivers precise results, thanks to its advanced features. With multiple readings taken and averaged automatically, you can count on consistent and accurate sperm concentration measurements every time.

Ease of use
Designed with user convenience in mind, the SDM 1 requires no dilution of semen samples, saving you time and effort. Its standardized sample volume ensures repeatable counts, while the securely fixed microcuvette guarantees accurate results.

Versatile applications
Whether you are working with porcine, bovine, equine, canine, or small ruminants, the SDM 1 is tailored to meet your specific needs. Its flexibility makes it an invaluable tool for clinical tests and semen production laboratories alike.

Durability and maintenance
Built to last, the SDM 1 features a durable construction that withstands the demands of regular use. Maintenance is a breeze: simply lift the lid of the cuvette holder and wipe clean. 

Convenient operation
The SDM 1 is designed for flexibility, operating on batteries or a power supply. This portability ensures you can take accurate measurements wherever you need them.

Advanced technology
The SDM 1 keeps pace with technological progress, stay up to date with the latest advancements through software updates via the interface.
Key benefits at a glance
  • No dilution required: Simplifies the process, saving time and reducing potential errors
  • Broad applicability: Suitable for a variety of domestic animals
  • Standardized sample volume: Ensures consistent and repeatable results
  • Secure microcuvette positioning: Guarantees accuracy
  • Automatic multiple readings: Provides precise averages
  • Zero measurement: Minimizes the need for repeated calibrations
  • Stable LED light source: Ensures reliable performance
  • Easy maintenance: Quick and simple cleaning process
  • Flexible operation: Battery or power supply options
Invest in precision and reliability
The SDM 1 sperm photometer is more than just an instrument: it’s an investment in precision and reliability. By providing accurate, quick, and easy sperm concentration analysis, the SDM 1 supports better decision-making and improved outcomes. Choose the SDM 1 today and experience the difference.
Accurate, quick, and easy sperm concentration analysis