Low cost, high conservation performance of dog semen

Optimize the preservation of canine semen by using CaniPlus extenders 

As a crucial step in the artificial insemination process, incorporating an extender medium is essential for precise analysis results and semen preservation.

The steps of processing dog semen in terms of preparation, diluting, packaging, storage, and shipping depend on whether the insemination is to be performed with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen. The choice of the right extender is central to this. By providing the necessary nutrients and protective properties, the extender ensures the sperm retains its motility and fertility, vital for successful insemination and thus breeding results.

In 2005, Minitube developed the first long-term extender for dog semen, and in 2012, the first protein-free extender. Since then, Minitube dog semen diluents have been proving their worth in global markets as well as in many scientific test series.

With CaniPlus, Minitube provides a reliable product series offering a range of canine semen extenders suitable for any desired purpose.

Your benefits:
  • Extenders maintain a minimum of 70% of initial motility on semen during the given period for storage/transport (more info in the product leaflet) 
  • CaniPlus LT and ST, and CaniPlus AI are ready-to-use and do not require the addition of egg yolk 
  • All extenders include a comprehensive protocol 
  • 2 years shelf life from date of production 
  • Handy bottles with a screw cap for easy opening

↪️ For a comprehensive overview of our CaniPlus extender line, simply download our product leaflet. 
Low cost, high conservation performance of dog semen