MiniThaw: Straw thawing made easy

Minitube's new thawing unit, MiniThaw, convinces with its slim and handy design. The material is very durable, and the lid is 100% leak-proof. Thanks to these features, MiniThaw is very easy to transport, to prepare and to use. The user can set the thawing temperature individually. The actual temperature is displayed. Straws are thawed ultra-safely and quickly in the water-filled thawing chamber.
  • Variable temperature setting from room temperature to +50°C
  • Digital display of actual temperature
  • The straw lift has three compartments for thawing a total of 10 straws at a time (0.5 ml or 0.25 ml)
  • The lid fits tight; no risk of leakage
  • Slim and easy-to-carry design; fits in car cup holder
  • Easy to handle and robust enough to last for many years in the field
  • Can be connected in the car (12/24 V) or to power wall outlet (110/230 V)
MiniThaw: Straw thawing made easy